Wedgewood Black Forest Spring Wedding | Denver Wedding Photographer

Today is Wednesday which means we are half way through the week and it's time for a #weddingwednesday blog. Today, I want to share Liz + Joshua's Wedgewood Black Forest wedding. This wedding was gorgeous. Every little detail from the bride's shoes to the throw pillows on the bride and groom's couch at the reception was thought about and came together to provide a beautiful and memorable wedding day. 

Here are my favorite photos from Liz + Joshua's wedding day. 

Grooms + groomsmen details are starting to become my favorite! 

colorado-springs-wedding, groom- details, superman-cufflinks

Liz surprised Josh with a custom Steelers jersey, needless to say he loved it. 

groom-details, denver-wedding-photographer, steelers-wedding

Liz wanted to perfect wedding gown and she made that happen by designing it. Her dress was gorgeous and the bridesmaid dresses coordinated perfectly.

bridal-details, wedding-shoes, denver-wedding photographer, badgley-mischka-wedding-shoes

I love when brides take time to enjoy themselves before the wedding. 

bride-getting-ready, colorado-springs-wedding-photographer

Joshua had a gift delivered to Liz as she was getting ready. There wasn't a dry eye in the suite. 

letter-from-groom, denver-wedding-photographer
bridal-details, bride-getting-ready, custom-bridal-robe, denver-wedding-photographer

I'm so glad we took the time to get shots of Liz with her girls in their gorgeous floral robes. 

bridesmaids, floral-bridesmaid-gowns, denver-wedding-photographer

This flowergirl loved the camera and it loved her back! 

flowergirl-portraits, pink-tulle-flowergirl, colorado-wedding-photographer
bride-getting-ready, colorado-springs-marriott, denver-wedding-photographer

It doesn't matter how many weddings I get to witness, I still love watching the Mother of the Bride zip up her daughter's wedding dress. It is so beautiful and symbolic. 

bridal-gown, bride-getting-ready, denver-wedding-photographer
bridal-party-toast, denver-wedding-photographer
wedgewood-black-forest-bridal-suite, colorado-springs-wedding-photographer

How gorgeous are these invitations. So simple, beautiful, and classic. 

wedding-invitation-suite, forest-wedding-invitations, denver-wedding-photographer

Joshua beamed all day. 

groom-getting-ready, wedgewood-black-forest-groom-suite, colorado-springs, wedding-photographer

Although Liz + Joshua opted not to have a first look, Liz did want to do a first look with her dad. It was such a sweet moment and he had an instant calming effect on her. It was beautiful. 

father-daughter-first-look, wedgewood-black-forest, colorado-springs-wedding-photographer

The Wedgewood Black Forest's Chapel is such a beautiful space and Liz + Joshua were able to make it their own. And I loved that they had an unplugged ceremony. Their guests were able to be 100% present during their ceremony. 

wedgewood-black-forest-chapel, wedgewood-weddings, denver-wedding-photographer, ceremony-details

Joshua's smile as Liz walked down the aisle was perfection. 

first-look, wedgewood-black-forest-wedding, chapel-wedding, colorado-springs-wedding-photographer
black-forest-wedding, denver-wedding-photographer, chapel-wedding
chapel-wedding-ceremony, wedgewood-black-forest, denver-wedding-photographer
first-kiss, bride-groom-ceremony-bubble-exit, denver-wedding-photographer

I loved these unique bridesmaid dresses. The color, how they flowed, how they coordinated with Liz's dress and the different ties all made these dresses perfection. 

blue-bridesmaids-dresses, bridal-party-photos

You should never take yourself too seriously and I loved the faces we got out of this bridal party. So fun! 

silly-bridal-party-photos, wedgewood-black-forest, denver-wedding-photographer

Liz looked stunning in the gown she helped design. It fit her and her personality perfectly.

custom-wedding-gown, wedgewood-black-forest, denver-wedding-photographer

These groomsmen took a little bit to loosen up, but totally rocked it after they got warmed up. 

groomsmen-photos, wedgewood-black-forest, denver-wedding-photographer
jumping-groomsmen, wedgewood-black-forest, colorado-wedding-photographer
groom-details, black-forest-wedding, denver-wedding-photographer

This wedding party was beautiful. They coordinated perfectly and stood out among the pine trees. 

forest-wedding-party-photo, wedgewood-black-forest, denver-wedding-photographer

Bride and groom photos after the ceremony always make my heart happy. The nerves are gone and you are riding that "just married high" 

bride-and-groom-veil-photos, denver-wedding-photographer
bride-groom-portraits, unposed-wedding-photography, colorado-wedding-photographer

I absolutely love this set. Liz's dress flip and the amazing way Joshua is looking at Liz. 

flowy-wedding-dress, wedgewood-black-forest-wedding, denver-wedding-photographer
bride-groom-dancing-forest, wedgewood-black-forest, denver-wedding-photographer

This is my favorite photo of the bride and groom! 

black-and-white-wedding-portrait, wedding-day-make-up, colorado-wedding-photographer
bride-groom-forest-portraits, denver-wedding-photographer

These are the moments that get me. 

unposed-wedding-photography, denver-wedding-photographer, wedgewood-weddings
wedding-toasts, wedgewood-black-forest-reception, denver-wedding-photographer
white-wedding-cake, wedgewood-black-forest-reception, marquis-lights, colorado-wedding-photographer
first-dance, father-daughter-dance, wedgewood-weddings, denver-wedding-photographer
marquis-wedding-lights, tunnel-wedding-exit, denver-wedding-photographer

I hope you enjoyed a peek at Liz + Joshua's wedding day. It was a true pleasure! 




Photographer: Shebli Nikkole Photography

2nd Photographer: Rachel Bausch Photography

Hotel: Colorado Springs Marriott

Venue: Wedgewood Black Forest 

Wedding Coordinator: Isabelle Kline Design

Florist: Garden of the Gods' Gourmet Floral + Design

Cake: Garden of the Gods' Gourmet Floral + Design

Stationary: Veronica Preston

Hair: Brittany Turner

Makeup: Cynthia Mazzara

Videographers:  Bumblebee Films