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Let's talk about albums. Wedding albums.

I want to show off a beautiful wedding album that I have created to show my Brides + Grooms at our first meeting. Seeing a full wedding in an album is pretty amazing. More than anything, I want to encourage my Brides + Grooms to have their photos printed to physically have them in their possession and I think this is really the best way to do it.

I have moved 4 times since I've been married. My wedding photos have only been on a wall twice. We have lived in our new house for almost 6 months and I have yet to put up any photos. (Total photographer fail. I know.) But, something I can do is look at my wedding album. I think it is something that most Brides + Grooms overlook in the whole planning and budgeting process. I think most people think that you can always do it later. Which you, of course, can do later. But, after the wedding, you are back to what life looked like before planning and some of those things are forgotten. Well, I'm here to remind you where those beautiful photos belong!

Here is a gorgeous 10x10 layflat album with 20 spreads (40 pages) and tundra colored linen cover complete with an album box.

©shebli nikkole photography 2015©shebli nikkole photography 2015

I think it is so neat to hold a print or set of images that are 10 inches tall by 20 inches wide!

©shebli nikkole photography 2015

The pages are super thick and sturdy so that they can stand the test of time.

©shebli nikkole photography 2015

Technology is so fickle. It is always changing and in no time at all those fancy USBs will not have a place to be plugged in. My wish for all of my clients is that 40 years from now they will hold their grandchildren on their laps and be able to flip through their wedding album and share those memories.

Just something to think about!

Until next time,