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Hello, friends! This week I am preparing for our very first family vacation! Eeek! I am so very excited, nervous, and a little bit anxious! (my dear husband would say that I'm more than a little bit anxious. Haha)

We will be spending a week on the West Coast. My parents are taking us to Las Vegas for some "grown-up" fun and then we are renting a van and driving to California for 2 days in Disney, a day at the beach, and a day at the Wild Animal Park where my kids will meet their Great Grandparents.

I am really looking forward to Disneyland! Here are some photos of me and my brother in Disneyland. These are scanned in Polaroids! And I love them so  much. I kind of miss Polaroids. It reminds me to get my photos printed, so 20 years from now when my kids ask to see Disneyland pictures I can pull out albums or shoe boxes or something tangible instead of gathering around my computer! goofyminnierobinhood

I am looking forward to my kiddos experiencing the Magic of Disney. Those are literally the best memories of my childhood. They have never been to a the ocean or felt sand between their toes. I am more than excited to capture these moments. I will be lugging my camera around most days, but I want to be in the moment with my kids. So, day 2 in Disney will only include my iPhone.

Don't worry, I will be sharing my experiences. You can always follow me on instagram to see a sneak peak into our adventure.

I would love any and all advice from all of you beautiful people. From flying Southwest to renting cars to Disneyland all with 3 kids 4, 3, and 1!

I will be attempting to not return emails, but I make no guarantees! If, I am able to resist the urge to return emails then they will be returned on May 12th.

One more thing! Today, is my Daddy's 52nd birthday and in honor of that here is a photo from Disneyland with my dad and brother! Happy Birthday, Daddy! Love you so much!dad

Until May 12th! signature