our adventures in DISNEYLAND | castle rock colorado photographer

I had every intention of breaking out the big camera the entire first day and capturing every possible moment. I could say I failed at that, but I don't believe I did. I still captured some great moments with my camera and even more with my iPhone. When I put my big girl camera away, I was able to be so much more present and truth be told, I enjoyed myself more. I wasn't concerned about something happening to my camera, plus that thing is pretty freaking heavy especially on top of ergo-ing our youngest who is 25ish pounds. We had an absolutely amazing and exhausting time. I want to share my Disneyland tips and photos with all of you wonderful people. These are a compilation of my dslr, my iPhone, my husband's Nokia and my parent's Samsung Galaxy. 2014-05-29_00032014-05-29_0017 2014-05-29_00042014-05-29_00062014-05-29_00072014-05-29_00082014-05-29_00092014-05-29_00102014-05-29_00112014-05-29_00122014-05-29_00132014-05-29_00142014-05-29_00152014-05-29_0016


  • I love coffee, can't live without it! Starbucks and I are on a first name basis. My advice: do NOT get coffee right outside the park gates. Wait it out and go get it inside the park. AMAZING customer service, it is quicker than the one outside the gates, you get a really cool Disney Starbucks cup and they write your name in "disney" writing.  Bonus: Not any more expensive!
  • Do you have young kiddos? Or maybe not everyone wants to go on Space Mountain? There is this awesome thing called "Ride Switcher" Just go up to the line and whatever Cast Member is at the beginning of the line, ask of a ride switcher. They will either give it to you right there or give you a card to give to last Cast Member  and then they will give you the Ride Switcher ticket. Ride your chosen ride and then give that ticket to friends/family waiting with your little one. The ticket lets 3 people go through their Fast Pass line. Everyone gets to ride all the rides they want, plus there isn't extra wait time! Winning!
  • the magic number to ride most rides? 40"
  • Don't feel like lugging your own stroller or in our case strollers to California or maybe one day of baby wearing and you need a break (ya that happened) Rent a stroller from the park. $15 for one or $25 for two. They are pretty decent, too. BabyJoggers! I might be obsessed, but they write your last name on a cool disney card in "disney" writing! Ya it is that awesome!
  • Sometimes, you just need a drink. California Adventureland does in fact, serve beer and wine. But, a pleasant surprise was when we were in Cars Land specifically the Cozy Cone Motel area. They had lemonade with vodka at the Cone that serves chili (in cones, of course) It was super amazing, too!
  • Radiator Springs Racers is without a doubt the most popular ride in California Adventureland. That should be the first thing you do in that park. Either wait in line for the FastPass or go get in line for the ride. If you don't, you won't get to ride it without waiting for hours. FastPass for it ran out before 3p.m. Yes, that fast. Totally worth the wait! An awesome ride and you don't want to miss out!
  • Do your kids really want to meet the characters? Do you really want to stand in those lines for that? We  knew we didn't have a lot time with our 2 days in the park, so we opted to spend the extra money and have breakfast at Goofy's Restaurant in Disneyland Hotel. So awesome! They have everything from pb&j pizza to made-to-order omlettes to an ice cream sundae bar. My boys loved it! The food was great and a ton of characters came to our table, signed autographs and posed for pictures!

This vacation was pretty much awesome! The boys loved it and so did the adults. I, actually, can't wait to go back. In fact, my husband and I are hoping to go back this Fall, just the two of us!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our vacation and I hope that you find my tips helpful!