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I really don't know how long I have admired Julie Paisley. Anybody who has followed her and her work on any social media, can instantly see why I admire her.  Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is an amazing person as well. She has built a crazy successful business all while staying true to herself and her heart. She is truly inspiring! I dreamed about the day that I would be able to attend one of her workshops. I told Matt (my husband) about how much I wanted to do this for me and my business. We set a goal for 2015 for me to attend one of her workshops. Then, one day last Fall, she advertised a reduced initial down payment. I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I checked out her workshop dates and locations for probably the 30th time and there it was COLORADO. It was fate! I, of course, called Matt and begged him to sign up. As a family of 5, I knew that this was going to take a good chunk of our money over the course of the year. He knew how much it would mean to me and so we decided to make some sacrifices to make this happen.

As the days dwindled down on my countdown, I became increasingly nervous. I was going to meet someone that I look up to so much! I was going to learn so many new things. I was going to be put in a group of women that I didn't know and there was  a good chance all that we would have in common was a camera. As weird as it sounds, what if I discover that I'm not fit for this career?!? All of these things turned my nights before the workshop into restless and sometimes sleepless nights. (Anxious much, Shebli?!!?)

The day FINALLY came!  To say we hit it off instantly seems to be an understatement. We spent all afternoon chitchatting and exchanging knowledge. We all had so much in common and meshed perfectly with each other. Seriously, we couldn't have asked for a better group!

Then, we finally met Julie and her 2nd shooter, Aubrey for dinner. I have thought about how I would describe this for a month now. I still am not quite sure.  I expected to be nervous and maybe a little star struck the entire weekend.  This picture totally fits here! (Don't mind my crazy hair)  Thanks to Rachel Bausch Photography for taking this photo!2014-09-26_0007But, I wasn't. As soon as I met Julie and she hugged me, I felt completely at ease. Julie instantly felt like a long time friend. She was easy to talk to and a complete open book. At dinner, we laughed and talked and it was perfect!

The next day was the REAL Wedding. It was at Chatfield Botanic Gardens. This wedding had the most beautiful details and a gorgeous, super in-love couple. In fact, we were in the bridal suite waiting for the rain to stop and I was standing there with Randi and I asked her how she and Aaron met. Her whole face lit up and she got the biggest smile on her face as she recalled that night at The Grizzly Rose. I can't even describe how Aaron looks at Randi. It is obvious to anyone around them that he absolutely adores this woman!

I have been dying to share these images, but the bride was picked by David Tutera as an It's a Bride's Life blogger and the wedding had to be blogged there first! Here are some of my favorites from the wedding day!

©shebli nikkole photography

©shebli nikkole photography

This first look was beautiful and moving!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014

Miss Julie doing her thing!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014

The way Julie and Aubrey went through family formals was flawless! I was in aw!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014

In case you didn't know Colorado has some of the most beautiful sunsets even after a pretty drab evening!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014


The next day, the girls and I met Julie in her room for more learning and Q&A. This time went by so fast, but not without a lot of insight and learning. No topic was off limits. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I still, a month later, find myself sorting through the massive amounts of information. (Oh, and we got this awesome swag! I can't wait to use the OhDeerCreative hanger at my next wedding and this gorgeous  theOrganicBloom frame will be finding a home in our new house in Parker, CO and I will soon be offering them to you wonderful people)OhDeerCreative theOrganicBloom

After a day of learning we met our ever-accommodating bride and groom for a day-after shoot complete with her gorgeous David Tutera gown!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014©shebli nikkole photography 2014


I learned so much about myself, my business, WEDDINGS, and so much more. I left this workshop feeling renewed, refreshed, and energized. When we made this investment in my business, I never dreamed it would help me in the ways it did. It was worth so much more than what I paid! And totally worth the 57 mosquito bites! Haha!  Julie taught me so much and I really can't thank her enough!  This workshop was so much more than the learning for me. I met these amazing women that I feel blessed to have in my life! (I miss them all so much and can't wait to see them again.)

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Please check out Cassandra Pershing Photography if you are in Indy, Warner-Prokos Photography in Florida and Rachel Bausch Photography in California.

There will be big changes coming to Shebli Nikkole Photography in 2015 and I can't wait.

For other photographers out there, if you are thinking of taking a JPP workshop, take the leap. You will not be disappointed and it is more than worth it!

Until next time,