January's 10 on 10 | colorado photographer

I am doing something very fun with a group of photographers. Every month I will post just 10 pictures from one day and it will be close to the 10th of the  month. I am so excited to see all of the amazingness coming out of this group of photographers and see all of the different perspectives. I will be posting a link to another photographer at the end of this blog, be sure to check out their 10 on 10. Today, we are doing a day in the life of...ME. And by day I mean 4ish hours from yesterday! :) We have been super busy preparing for my baby's 1st birthday party!

This is what happens when your mom shoves a camera in your face from the day you are born and this is how your baby brother reacts!

2014-01-08_0001Cooper got over it quickly and continued with his lunch!2014-01-08_0002Breck decided that his milkshake was not quite cutting it through the straw and ended up with a new mustache!2014-01-08_0003As I was trying to bake a cake, I had two invaders. One who was so ready for his nap and another that just wanted to count the eggs!2014-01-08_0004All of my days consist of superheroes! My children do prefer to not wear pants. Sorry! 2014-01-08_0005I hope you enjoyed my crazy kids!

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Until next time