February's 10 on 10 | Colorado Photographer

Here is the 2nd installment of my 10 on 10. Today, is the 10th of February and so here are 10 images taken on one day. (Today!) My inspiration for this month's  challenge was from a challenge that I had already failed. At the beginning of the year, I started participating in an Instagram challenge where each day had a theme. I made it about 8 days I think. I kept saying that I would pick it back up because it was fun. But, I still haven't. So, today I decided to challenge my self and do all of February's pictures with my "big" camera. Not my phone. The challenge is http://www.instagram.com/my_365 and here are all of the themes fro February, so far. #me #eight #family #curves #bundled_up #award #jump #shapes #begins_with_l #loose

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I hope you enjoy!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014Don't forget to check out my friend Deanna's 10 on 10 here.

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