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It is, already, August 10th! Today, I wanted to feature one of my tried and true Pinterest finds, Terracotta Pot S'mores! I found this awesome idea last Summer and wanted to share how to do it will of you!

My kids LOVE s'mores. Who am I kidding?!? I love s'mores! I hated having to set the fire pit up and then waiting for the perfect "s'more coals"  was excruciating.©shebli nikkole photography 2014

What you'll need:

large-ish terracotta pot

tin foil


safety lighter

1.  Drape the tin foil across the pot making a bowl in the terracotta pot. I, usually do a layer of tinfoil horizontally and one vertically.          tip: You want the bowl to not be too far down in the pot or it will be hard to roast your marshmallows.

2. Take 10-ish charcoals and gently place in your tin foil bowl in a pyramid type shape.

3. Start lighting your charcoals. Make sure to light them all.

4. Patiently watch the fire for 10-ish minutes or until the fires goes out.

5. Once the fire goes out, the coals are nice and hot and ready for roasting!

6. Enjoy!

This messy face has just learned the amazingness that is s'mores!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014

Breck loves s'mores, but tends to avoid my camera!

©shebli nikkole photography 2014

Parker loves Summertime strictly for the s'mores! :D

©shebli nikkole photography 2014

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can enjoy some s'mores on the beautiful Sunday!

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